2024-07-02 – 14:05 h


Marking the 10th anniversary of the film Interstellar, Roger Sayer performs music from the film on our world class church organ.


It’s been 10 years since the release of the groundbreaking film “Interstellar”. To mark the occasion Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff, UK is hosting a unique concert showcasing music from the film. This will be performed by renowned musician Roger Sayer, the primary organist working alongside Hans Zimmer to create the iconic soundtrack for Interstellar’s release in 2014.


Originally recorded in Temple Church in London, Roger collaborated with Zimmer and Nolan to craft the moving score using the power and creativity of the organ.


There will be opportunities to hear Roger reminisce about working with Hans Zimmer as well as the chance for audience members to ask questions about the making of the soundtrack.


This is a special opportunity to experience the incredible soundtrack and celebrate the wonder of space travel and the its boundless capabilities with custom built lightshow created by the staff and students of the University of South Wales.



Promotional video: