2021-05-13 – 12:55 h

The Krakow Film Music Festival – Krakow FMF, set to celebrate this year’s edition on 25-30 May 2021 (read more), announced yesterday that they will unveil the program in one week, on Thursday, May 20.


Official announcement:



“We are preparing for you an FMF which has not been like this for a long time, and maybe even, looking at the whole festival, it has never happened in this way 🙂 On Thursday, May 20 at 1.00 pm. check out our FB profile and RMF Classic radio waves. We promise it’s worth waiting a few days more. Will You? ❤”


Due to the proximity of the dates, we think that probably the festival will bet for a mixed model, mostly online, with concerts from previous editions and new audience-limited concerts.


Anyway, Krakow FMF always gets to surprise us, so… let’s wait one more week to know what they have prepared for us!