2023-04-22 – 19:40 h

Krakow Film Music Festival – Festiwal Muzyki Filmowej w Krakowie, which will celebrate its 16th edition 23-30.05.2023, has announced that composer Simon Franglen will be one of the guests of this year.


Detailed official information (link):

🚀 Simon Franglen – the author of the score for „Avatar: The Way of Water” – is coming to the FMF! We’re going to hear his works both at the Gala and in the Echoes of Space programme.


🚀 The multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer from London has made a global career. „Titanic”, „The Bodyguard”, „Seven”, „Skyfall” and „Spectre” – these are just a few of the films Franglen has worked on, as an arranger, for example. His talents and knowledge benefited such stars as Toni Braxton, Eric Clapton, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Whitney Houston and Yes.


🚀 Over the years, Franglen has collaborated with the most respected composers of film music, including Craig Armstrong, Howard Shore, Patrick Doyle and Hans Zimmer. FMF fans don’t need an introduction, do they?


🚀 Today, the composer is best known for his score for the new „Avatar”. The music creates amazing, complex worlds, as well as the visual effects. The suite from „The Way of Water” will gain a spectacular setting at the FMF Space Gala!


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