2020-05-07 – 20:35 h

Krakow Film Music Festival continues the cycle ‘LIVE FROM THE STUDIO’, with a very special concert performed by composer Matthijs Kieboom this Sunday, May 10, at 19:00h, from Sound Vision Studio in Arhen (Netherlands).


All arrangements have been created especially for the concert by Thomas Bryla & Matthijs Kieboom.


Official description:



🏠 #StayHome 🏠 and take a trip to the Netherlands with Matthijs Kieboom!


The journey starts with “Wild” – the suite from the feature-length documentary on the beautiful and largely unexplored nature of the Veluve Hills in the Gelderland province. The camera follows animals throughout the seasons, with music resounding with wind in the trees, rutting stags and fledgling birds learning to fly.


Next, the musicians take us to the suburbs of Eindhoven to present a moving family tale of two sisters from the drama “Hemelrijken”.


We move on to Amsterdam – the city of great art and youthful folly – to join an elderly couple taking a holiday. They are the protagonists of a magical tale titled “Soap”, in which they go back in time to their youth.


We linger in Amsterdam for a while longer to explore dark corners and discover the secrets of the fascinating protagonists of the British crime series “Van Der Valk” which has been rebooted after a thirty-year break to the delight of TV audiences in the UK. Portrayed by Marc Warren, the protagonist is a cynical, intuitive detective.


We finish with a moving touch focusing on the multicultural nature of today’s Netherlands, bringing together myriad nationalities and languages. “Dummie de Mummie” is a family story about a mummy which comes back to life in the Netherlands but desperately wants to get home to Egypt. However, it turns out that their real friends and family are back in the Netherlands.


👉 All arrangements have been created especially for the concert! We will hear musicians from the Sound Vision Studio in Arhen, modelled on the famous recording Abbey Road Studio. Matthijs Kieboom has recorded music to five films here. Join us at 7pm on 10 May at the FMF’s Facebook page!


Guitars: Matthijs Kieboom

Piano: Rob Geboers

Vibraphone: Tim Verstegen

Violin: Alessandra Sordo-Sànchez

Viola: Carmen Sordo-Sànchez

Cello: Justus van Iterson

Ney (Turkish Flute): Sinan Arat


Arrangements by Thomas Bryla & Matthijs Kieboom


LIVE FROM THE STUDIO is a brand-new cycle from the Film Music Festival, helping us all #StayAtHome and spend our free time with the finest live film music. On 4 April, we took a peek into Antas Valkov’s studio. The following week, on Sunday 12 April, we visited Aleksander Dębicz, on 19 April we paid a visit to the studio of Jean Michel Bernard, and most recently – on 26 April – we spent time with Łukasz Targosz. Now it’s time to visit Matthijs Kieboom in the Netherlands!


7pm, 10 May | FB FMF


Organisers of the FMF are the City of Kraków, the Kraków Festival Office and RMF Classic.


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When: Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 19:00h

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/330729441238799/

Link to Facebook Live Video: https://www.facebook.com/FestiwalMuzykiFilmowej/


#exclusivelyforFMF #StayAtHome