2023-04-19 – 15:35 h

For the first time and in agreement with the de Funès family, Overlook Events presents this exceptional film-concert retracing the work of the favorite French actor, Louis de Funès.


On this occasion, 25 of his most famous films are presented, with a giant screen showing the best parts of Louis de Funès and a symphony orchestra & choir performing the best music.


From L’Aile ou la Cuisse to the Gendarmes saga, including La Folie des Grandeurs, Rabbi Jacob, Oscar, L’Homme Orchestre, Le Corniaud, Hibernatus, Pouic Pouic and La Grande Vadrouille, this family show is a tribute to Louis de Funès.


Screen, musicians, lights, sound effects, and key dialogues will be entirely synchronized for an exceptional show, the result of a year and a half of development work, whose technical and artistic quality will give rise to a very demanding scenic result.





  • In Official Agreement With The De Funès Family – National Premiere Before Tour.
  • The “Golden Square” tickets allow an early entry, an ideal placement, as well as the official book of the concert offered. A program of the concert is also offered to all spectators.
  • This concert was initially scheduled for October 8, 2022 and was postponed to April 22, 2023.