2021-06-24 – 20:25 h

Video games composer Chance Thomas presents a 45-minute live Zoom seminar entitled “Mentored by Masters, Scoring their Worlds” today, June 24, moderated by music executive Anne Cecere (BMI, CCC), and sponsored by HUGEsound Records.


This seminar will share the lessons learned working under the creative genius of Peter Jackson, James Cameron, and JRR Tolkien, creating original music for King Kong, Avatar, and Lord of the Rings VG’s.


The seminar will cover creative & business topics such as:

  • Awakening the real within the surreal
  • How deep research expands our creative instincts
  • Unleashing the inevitable power of iteration
  • The addictive thrill of chasing perfection
  • World building and creative connection; crafting archetypes that resonate with a global audience
  • Where to find gigs like this
  • The business advantages of research
  • Getting the demo right
  • Who to talk to about a hiring decision
  • Negotiating great contract terms


When: Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 19:00h PDT / 22:00 EDT / 4:00 CEST (June 25)

Where: Online

Tickets: To register for the seminar, purchase one soundtrack and get two more for free and the ticket

More information & registration: https://hugesoundrecords.com/masters