2018-11-16 – 13:15 h

Yesterday, Thursday 15th of November, the award ceremony of the 2nd Edition of the Juan Gil Family Estates International Soundtrack Composition Prize was celebrated, an award won by the 32-year-old Georgian composer Ana Kasrashvili:



During the concert of the Film Symphony Orchestra (FSO) conducted by Constatino Martínez Orts held at the Víctor Villegas Auditorium in Murcia (Spain), the short film ‘Essence’ was premiered along with the music by Ana Kasrashvili, in the presence of several of the members of the jury such as Patrick Doyle, Lucio Godoy or Roque Baños and popular figures like, Imanol Arias, Jon Arias and Carlos Santos.


Here you have a folder with photos shared by the FSO: