2019-08-29 – 18:00 h

The Balearic Television – IB3, offered on 25/8/19 a special documentary dedicated to John Barry, within the program ‘Terra de Passions (Land of Passions)’ hosted by the writer and journalist Maria de la Pau Janer. There they talked about the life and work of Barry, detailing his time in Mallorca when he was staying in ‘Sa Capella’, and mentioning the house that he began to build on the island; which he could not finally enjoy.


Gori Martínez, member of SoundTrackFest, participated in that documentary to talk about film music, John Barry, the work that SoundTrackFest does, and also publicized the film music initiatives he leads: Mallorca Plató Musical and the Chamber Film Orchestra.


Here you have the link to the documentary (in Majorcan language):