2022-02-11 – 13:30 h


(13/5/1928 – 9/2/2022)


On Wednesday, February 9, composer Remo Usai passed away at the age of 93. He was famous and a pioneer in his native country, Brazil, for having composed the soundtrack of more than 70 films in the decades from the 50s to the 80s.


Festival Musimagem Brasil, which celebrated its 7th edition last year, has been giving the Remo Usai Lifetime Achievement Award since its beginnings, having received this award to people like the Brazilian composer, actor, and artist Sergio Ricardo (2018), the American composer Christopher Young and the Brazilian composer Edino Krieger (2019), the composer Geraldo Vespar (2020) or the composer, orchestrator, and music producer Sergio Saraceni (2020).


We finish this article with a quote from the composer:

A música é arte. Ela não é ditatorial, a música. Ela não impõe condições, ela propõe emoções. Remo Usai (2008)

“Music is art. It’s not dictatorial. Doesn’t impose conditions, proposes emotions. Remo Usai (2008)”