2019-08-10 – 13:25 h

The Spanish composer and pianist Sergio de la Puente will start a brief concert tour with his soundtrack for the movie ‘Sin Fin’ next September at the Alfil Theater in Madrid (Spain), where he will play the music at the piano, synchronized with the movie.


Actually, it could be considered that the tour already started on July 4th at the MOSMA 2019 festival, where Sergio de la Puente (Piano and synthesizers), Joan Martorell (Synthesizers and programming), Ana Franco (Guitars and vocals), and Eloy Arostegui (Bass and guitars), premiered this show.


Sin Fin’ is the first film of the Alenda brothers (César Esteban and José Esteban), a road-movie located between Cádiz, Málaga and Madrid that tells a love story through time traveling. Starring Javier Rey and María León, ‘Sin Fin’ he received at the ASECAN Award for a first film at the Malaga Festival and the Silver Biznaga to its protagonist, Javier Rey, as best actor.


Here you have the list of concerts:

  • 04/07/19 – 18:30h – Malaga, Spain (Albéniz Cinema) – MOSMA 2019
  • 20/09/19 – 22:30h – Madrid, Spain (Alfil Theater) – Tickets: 16-20€ (buy)
  • 27/09/19 – 22:30h – Madrid, Spain (Alfil Theater) – Tickets: 16-20€ (buy)
  • 18/10/19 – Granada, Spain (Fundación Caja Granada) – Tickets Soon


Promotional video: