2024-06-03 – 11:25 h

On Wednesday, June 19, the composer Sergio Moure de Oteyza will start the festivities of ‘San Xoan’ in his native town of Carballo (La Coruña, Spain) with the reading of the proclamation in the Praza do Concello, followed by the world premiere of his work “Sinfonía Bergantiños”, in a free event for all audiences.


This work, commissioned by the city council to the composer, is a symphony in three movements of 40 minutes, which will be performed by a large formation of almost 100 musicians, composed by the Gaos Orchestra in collaboration with the CMUS; musicians and traditional singers of Carballo.


The three movements of the work are: I-Lembranzas, II-As Sisargas, and III-Carballo. The first movement, Lembranzas, is inspired by the composer’s childhood and his father, the second by the Sisargas Islands, islands that are in the region of Bergantiños of which Carballo is the capital, and the third movement is inspired by the municipality of Carballo and its people.


The symphony includes traditional instrumentation by the musicians of the Municipal Pipe Band and the Conservatory Band, which will be joined by the hurdy-gurdy player Luis Bolón, from Sofán, and about twenty singers from the groups Arume, Escola do Alpendre, and Nemeth.


The interpretation of the work will be recorded on audio and video with more than 8 cameras in 4K and its editing will be carried out in the ‘Casa de Tolos’ studios in Gondomar (Pontevedra, Spain). Later, this work will be edited and distributed by BMG in stereo and Dolby Atmos formats.


Sergio Moure de Oteyza is a composer with more than 20 years of experience, nominated for a Goya for his first feature film, who has scored and produced the soundtrack for more than 50 national and international productions for film and television such as “The Body”, “Kidnapped”, “Extinction”, “Inconscientes”, “Thesis on a Homicide”, “Hostage Radio”, “Seis Hermanas” or “Where is Marta?”, “Infiesto” and “The Playing Card Killer” for Netflix.


As a preview, we leave you the first page of the score, offered exclusively by the composer to SoundTrackFest:


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