2020-03-14 – 13:30 h

Dear SoundTrackFest friends & followers, this has been a difficult week in Europe (and all over the world), due to the COVID-19 Crisis, that’s hitting hard many countries. Many events & festivals have been canceled, others have been postponed, and probably we’ll see many more fall in the following weeks.


SoundTrackFest hasn’t been updated in the last days, as it usually is, but from now on, we will resume our regular posting rhythm, bringing you articles and interviews, and news about what happens with the events that are going to be celebrated in the following weeks. We will also announce events re-scheduled for later, that we are sure will still be celebrated. ⭐️🎶


Meanwhile, help each other, be safe, stay at home as much as possible, and take care of yourselves and your oldest and dearest ones!


The SoundTrackFest Team.