2017-09-01 – 00:01 h

Beginnings are always difficult times, and starting a new project from scratch, is always something complex, despite having previous experience. But one year later, there you have SoundTrackFest, running full throttle, with more than 1,700 followers on Facebook.

In one year there have been published…

More than 315 articles and detailed news

More than 155 micro-news or brief news.

 A total of 24 extensive special articles covering festivals or concerts.

A total of 10 interviews with composers and orchestra conductors, with another 9 interviews already recorded and in process of preparation to be published in the following months.


🔆 Regarding event coverage, chronologically, the following festivals have been attended: FIMUCITÉ, Hollywood in Vienna, World Soundtrack Awards, Film Music Prague, Krakow FMF, MOSMA and SoundTrack_Cologne, besides several special concerts with special focus on: James Newton Howard’s concert in Bilbao, Alexandre Desplat’s concert in Barcelona, Joe Hisaishi’s concert in Paris and John Williams’ concert in Boston.


🎤 Among the interviews you can find well-known names such as Lalo Schifrin, Diego Navarro, Alexandre Desplat, Joseba Beristain, Sean Callery, Greg Sims, Mikel F Krutzaga, Jeff Beal, Brian Tyler, Trevor Morris, Keith Lockhart, Mac Quayle, David Shire, Trevor Jones, Victor Reyes, Christopher Young, Javier García (Gryzor 87), Frank Strobel and Bruce Broughton.


🔣 And in addition, all the above-mentioned content has been published “two times”, that is, in two languages: Spanish and English!!


Thank you very much to everybody that has helped to make this happen! There is much to celebrate on this first anniversary!