2023-03-14 – 20:20 h

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 15 at 10:00h, and in collaboration with Acorde, a division of Music Library & SFX, Spanish Screenings Content 2023 delves deeper in Spain ScoreCom with the panel discussion “Film Music vs Films with Music”, during which composers will share experiences and creative perspectives and will discuss issues such as copyrights and musical supervision.


The following professionals will be present in person and will be available for meetings and networking events:

  • Arturo Olea
  • Adolfo Vergara
  • Adrián Simg
  • Aliya Cycon
  • Daniel Trujillo
  • Isabel Latorre
  • Jonay Armas
  • Joseba Beristain
  • Juan J. Ochoa
  • Juanjo Molina
  • Luis Álvarez Cabado
  • Lorenzo Perelmuter
  • Miguel Moreno
  • Paloma Peñarrubia
  • Vanessa Garde Luque
  • Vicente Chust


This second edition of Spanish Screenings Content (celebrated in March 2023, within the framework of the Malaga Festival) continues expanding its scope to areas such as Book Adaptation, Remakes, Animation, or musical creation for audiovisual. It also has a Co-Production Forum and the Hack, a Hub of audiovisual content for emerging platforms as a meeting point around alternative and disruptive emerging formats.


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