2020-07-25 – 20:45 h

This week we achieved another goal in SoundTrackFest: we reached 5,000 followers on Facebook and we have started the road towards the 6,000.


Despite the complex times we live in, where festivals and live events are constantly announcing limitations, suspensions or even cancellations, and where there are less and less live events to attend (hopefully not for a long time), SoundTrackFest’s Facebook page has continued to add followers step by step… reaching the magical figure of 5,000!


First of all, we would like to thank all the people who follow SoundTrackFest’s posts every day, both on Facebook as well as on the website, Twitter & Instagram.


And second, many thanks also to all the people that has collaborated during the last months writing articles such as Rafa Melgar, Gori Martínez, Felipe Múgica, Asier G Senarriaga, Carmen Ruíz, Frederic Torres, Reme Díaz, Sergio Hardasmal, Curro Martín & Tony Alicante Spain, or have helped in many other tasks like Diego Ruiz, all of them under the watchful eye of Gorka Oteiza.


Slowly but steadily, we continue moving forward… and let’s cross our fingers hoping that 2020 will bring us better news in its second half!