2020-11-23 – 19:55 h

Composer Austin Wintory, who has just released the soundtrack to the videogame ‘The Pathless’, has shared a very interesting video on YouTube, where he explains his process to create music.


He has called this video ‘How to Write One Minute of Music’ and there he traces how he wrote 1 minute of music for ‘The Pathless’ from start to finish.


In Austin Wintory’s words:

Among the most commonly-asked questions I get is “what is the process like for writing a piece of music?” When finishing THE PATHLESS in early 2020, I decided to document every step that it took to bring a 60-second segment of boss battle music from blank page to playable in-game.


Video – How to Write One Minute of Music – The Pathless (13m 38s):