2021-08-02 – 7:05 h

Composer Bear McCreary has released a great video of the recording sessions for the symphonic metal theme he has created for ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’.


Video (2m 00s):


In addition, in this entry of the official Bear McCreary’s blog, he talks in detail about the creation of the soundtrack, the leitmotifs used and their meaning/construction. Wonderful!



There you can find gems such as the first conversation he had with the showrunner/writer Kevin Smith:

“I think this score should be epic, symphonic, and completely serious. I want to write music that sounds like Basil Poledouris collaborated with early Metallica to score Conan the Barbarian, with a little Heavy Metal ’81 thrown in. I want to write the score that sounds like what our memories of the show feel like. If any of that scares you, then I’m not the composer for you.”


There was a brief pause, before Kevin looked me in the eye. “You just said the magic words.”