2020-05-23 – 21:10 h

Spanish composer and guitarist, Curro Martín, friend and collaborator of SoundTrackFest, who has scored many short films, adverts, and some feature films, has composed his first work for wind quintet named ‘OBERTURA / OPENING’, with clear references to the world of soundtracks.


The work, which was recorded in Córdoba (Spain) during the confinement of the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 Coronavirus, has been performed by Ana María Gutiérrez Martínez (flute and arrangements), Fran Moreno Carmona (oboe), Javier Povedano (clarinet), Fátima Membrilla Vázquez (french horn) and Jesús Villa Ordóñez (bassoon).


VIDEO – ‘OBERTURA / OPENING’ for Wind Quintet (Curro Martin) (3m 50s)


VIDEO – ‘OBERTURA / OPENING’ – Hand program in Spanish & English (5m 14s)


We take the opportunity to leave you a link to the great ‘SoundTrackFest Hymn’, that Curro Martín composed for the website, and for our adventures and misadventures, a couple of years ago: