2023-06-03 – 11:00 h

Today, Saturday, June 3, the Game Access Conference 2023, will have a very special concert in Brno, Czech Republic: ‘Frank Klepacki & The Tiberian Sons – Command & Conquer Live’.


Official description:

“The legendary video game soundtrack and its creator are coming to Brno!


No gaming veteran could ever forget the Command & Conquer series. These RTS-defining games have left their eternal impact on the gaming world. Even today, they continue to captivate with their addictive gameplay, a gripping atmosphere and a powerful soundtrack from the great composer and musician Frank Klepacki.


Klepacki will arrive in Brno with Tiberian Sons and, in a whirlwind of sound and nostalgia, unleash an insane show. Their heavy industrial metal fused with electronica and funk still gets the blood pumping just like it did 20 years ago – oh and that’s just with headphones, you just wait till you hear them live!


This will mark the first ever performance of Tiberian Sons in Europe.The concert will be accompanied by a dynamic video projection of key moments and cutscenes from each game. You’ll experience iconic songs such as “Hell March”, “Grinder” or “Act on Instinct” along a powerful speech by cult leader Kane, or when swept away by the dark intrigues of telepath Yuri.




Frank Klepacki is an American composer, musician and sound designer. He is famous for his work with the legendary studio Westwood, with whom he collaborated not only on the Command & Conquer series, but also on games such as Nox, Dune 2000, Blade Runner and Lion King. After the breakup of the studio, he went on to work with Petroglyph Games, where he composed music for Star Wars: Empire at War, Grey Goo, and the recent remake of the first two C&C titles under the title Command & Conquer Remastered Collection.


Tiberian Sons is a band made up of four experienced musicians – Tony Dickinson, Connor Engstrom, Max Noel and Travis Moberg. Their great covers of iconic videogame songs caught the eye of Frank Klepacki and he soon joined the band. After a very successful collaboration, he even invited Tiberian Sons to contribute to the sound design of Command & Conquer Remastered Collection.


Command & Conquer Lives!”