2023-03-06 – 21:00 h

John Williams received his 53rd Oscar nomination for his work on “The Fabelmans,” part of a long-running collaboration between the legendary composer and director Steven Spielberg. NBC Nightly News invited him to talk about their cinematic partnership in an interview with Lester Holt.


VIDEO – Composer John Williams reflects on working with Steven Spielberg (6m 52s):


VÍDEO – John Williams becomes oldest person to be nominated for Oscar (3m 57s):


You can also watch a very special video “Steven Spielberg: The Fable Man”, a 25-minute documentary that tells the story of Steven Spielberg’s life and career, mostly in his own words. From the moment he fell in love with movies, to his early encounters with hate, and the personal drama he’s waited his whole life to reveal. Featuring new interviews with Spielberg collaborators Tony Kushner (The Fabelmans, Munich, Lincoln) and John Williams (Jaws, E.T., Jurassic Park). Narrated by NBC’s Joe Fryer.


VIDEO – Steven Spielberg: The Fable Man (25m 36s):