2018-07-16 – 19:38 h

The Steam-punk animation project Hullabaloo, led by James Lopez and featuring music by Manel Gil-Inlgada, is coming to an end, and in a few months, some parts are expected to be available to be enjoyed by all audiences.

At the end of last year, Gorka Oteiza of SoundTrackFest had the opportunity to attend the recording sessions in Bratislava (Slovakia), with the fabulous Bratislava Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Hernando Rico, and that had the expert hand of Mikel F Krutzaga in charge of the sound engineering.

A special article will be published in SoundTrackFest in a few weeks, which will include interviews with the team, as well as a special surprise to be unveiled.

Meanwhile, here you have a preview of you can expect: the Official Video of the recording session of the Main Theme “A Daring Adventure” from Hullabaloo.

NOTE: Special thanks for Ferran Cruixent and Rubén Blasco.