2024-02-06 – 17:45 h

Official description:

“The monographic concert of Horror that took place in the Movie Score Malaga 2023, had included in its program a magnificent suite focused on the best works for this genre of a cult composer such as Richard Band.

 Regular composer of his brother’s production company Empire, Charles Band, which would later be renamed Full Moon, his music has accompanied some of the most terrible night terrors of our childhood.

 Here we bring you the complete suite, orchestrated by Javier Bayón, conducted by Arturo D. Boscovich and performed by the Orquesta Sinfónica de Málaga and the Coro de Cámara de Granada.”


Richard Band Horror Suite – MOSMA 2023 (21m 24s):


You can read more about MOSMA 2023 and this concert at the following link: