2021-02-22 – 21:00 h

On February 8th, 2021, ‘Score Masters: Celebrating John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith’ was launched, an exclusive online tribute to the two legendary composers featuring an incredible panel of guests discussing their art and legacy.


Among the guests we could find Academy Award-nominated composer and conductor David Newman, Grammy Award-winning classical conductor Leonard Slatkin, distinguished film and concert composer Leanna Primiani, acclaimed recording engineer Bruce Botnick, legendary studio pianist Mike Lang, award-winning soundtrack producer Mike Matessino, and esteemed author and writer Jeff Bond.


The event was presented by the Ipswich Film Theatre, and was produced by Maurizio Caschetto for The Legacy of John Williams and Yavar Moradi for The Goldsmith Odyssey.


Video (2h 04m 58s):