2019-08-14 – 09:00 h

Yesterday, August 13th at 20:00h, the Stockholm Culture Festival (13-18 Aug 2019, Stockholm, Sweden), offered on opening night the world premiere of Ilan Eshkeris’s ‘Space Station Earth’.


The concert, composed and produced by Ilan Eshkeri, featured stunning images captured aboard the International Space Station (‘ISS’) by astronauts of the European Space Agency (‘ESA’), alongside new footage of ESA operations created with the latest film techniques, all set to original music composed by Eshkeri.


Full video of the concert:

Space Station Earth på Kulturfestivalen 2019.

Geplaatst door Stockholms Kulturfestival op Dinsdag 13 augustus 2019



NOTE: This news is an update of the one published on 7/8/2019 in SoundTrackFest – (read news)