2020-06-29 – 20:40 h

On Saturday, June 27, 2020, the concert ‘Live From The Forest / Atanas Valkov Octet’ was broadcast live. This was the first Polish professional concert production straight from the forest, set in the picturesque scenery of Masovian Landscape Park, and performed by an octet ensemble led by film music composer Atanas Valkov:

  • Atanas Valkov – piano, zither, recorder, electronic instruments
  • Jagoda Valkov – percussion instruments, vocal
  • Gwidon Cybulski – vocal, African harps, didgeridoo, guitars
  • Janek Michalec – trumpet, electronic instruments, vocal
  • Daniel Moński – percussion instruments, electronic instruments, vocal
  • Paweł Zalewski – viola da gamba
  • Jacek Mazurkiewicz – bass
  • Andrew Laka – percussion instruments, guitar


This concert had a multi-camera production along with high-quality sound and 3D video mapping of the forest, and included music fusions and crazy musical improvisation on the verge of classical, electronic, jazz, and world music rooted in Slavic and Balkan cultures.


The technical crew was the following:

  • Kolor Kolektyw – visualization, 3D mapping
  • Filip Dzięcił, Tomek Kraśkiewicz – sound production, mixing
  • Maria Lubicz – Łapińska – video production


The concert was divided into two parts. The first part took place before sunset at 18:00h. The second part started at dusk (21:00h) and was connected with a specially designed 3D mapping created by Kolor Kolektyw.


You can watch the videos of the concert here:


Live From The Forest / Atanas Valkov Octet – 1 (33m35s):


Live From The Forest / Atanas Valkov Octet – 2 (46m37s):


Live From The Forest / Atanas Valkov Octet – 3 (46m40s):


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