2019-08-07 – 08:00 h

UPDATE (14/8/2018): Added link to the video of the concert – follow link


The Stockholm Culture Festival (13-18 Aug 2019), will offer on opening night the world premiere of ‘Space Station Earth’.


The event, composed and produced by Ilan Eshkeri, will feature stunning images captured aboard the International Space Station (‘ISS’) by astronauts of the European Space Agency (‘ESA’), alongside new footage of ESA operations created with the latest film techniques, all set to original music composed by Eshkeri.


Space Station Earth’ is a music-led, multi-media experience, that allows the audience to see through the eyes of astronauts and to contemplate our planet, the stars, and the exploration of the universe.  Featuring no dialogue or narration, audiences can expect to lose themselves in the extraordinary visuals & emotionally-charged music, and leave awe-inspired as the evening celebrates the efforts of the ESA space programs.


When: Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 at 20:00h

Where: Gustav Adolf’s Square (Stockholm, Sweden)

More information: https://kulturfestivalen.stockholm.se/skf/programpunkt/kulturfestivalen-anropar-rymden/

Tickets: Free


Promotional video: