‘Canal FIMUCITÉ’ premieres with the compilation of the best videos in the history of the festival

The Tenerife International Film Music Festival (FIMUCITÉ) that continues working on its 14th edition, scheduled from Friday 18 to Sunday 27 September 2020 (read more), has premiered a new online initiative: Canal FIMUCITÉ / FIMUCITÉ Channel.


This new space, linked on its official website, collects the best videos in the history of the festival, with the aim of facilitating access to its followers and soundtracks lovers.

‘Canal FIMUCITÉ’ premieres with the compilation of the best videos in the history of the festival


This new entertainment proposal was born in the framework of the Covid-19 health crisis and confinement measures, when the auditoriums, theaters, and cinemas remain closed and culture must be consumed online and from home, but with a view to the future and thus, the platform will continue to add new videos and recordings.


In the ‘Full Concerts’ section, you can already enjoy the concerts “Sword and Sorcery” and “Stephen King’s Night Gallery” in FIMUCITÉ 11; the concert dedicated to Howard Shore in FIMUCITÉ 10; “The Gotham Symphony” from FIMUCITÉ 8; and the tributes to Varèse Sarabande on its 35th anniversary and to James Bond, celebrated in FIMUCITÉ 7.


In the rest of the categories, you can find individual pieces dedicated to emblematic compositions in the history of cinema, such as the main theme from Spartacus (Alex North), North by Northwest and Psycho (Bernard Hermann), Superman and Star Wars (John Williams) or Iron Man (Ramin Djawadi), among many others.


In the words of the renowned composer and conductor Diego Navarro, director of FIMUCITÉ: “These tough days we are treasuring more than ever the value of culture. For this reason, we have created the FIMUCITÉ CHANNEL, available in our website. It is a new space that gathers an extraordinary compilation of great performances along 13 years of history of our worldwide renowned festival. This channel offers many videos published in TVE “a la carta”, Vimeo and our official YouTube channel, which enjoys 8 million views. Feel and enjoy the magic of the FIMUCITÉ experience at home!”


Link to the channel: