Cesar Benito Concert – Time Between SoundTracks

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To mark the start of the third season of funny TV series Allí Abajo (Down there), Antena3 and producers Plano a Plano organized a special event, a gala evening that includes a concert with music by composer Cesar Benito at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville.


The concert, to be held next Wednesday, October 26 at 9 pm, entitled Time Between SoundTracks, and will be in charge of the Royal Seville Symphony Orchestra directed by Cesar Benito.

César Benito - Dirigiendo

In the program we have soundtracks of his career as Mia Sarah (2006), Live Forever (2010), Allí Abajo – Down There (2015-TV) or Protected (2010-TV) among others, special mention to El Tiempo Entre Costuras (2012-TV) and Sira theme.

Concierto César Benito - El Tiempo entre Bandas Sonoras-Poster

The gala will feature the attendance and participation of the cast of actors, producers and directors of the series, and is expected to be some surprises along tonight celebration of music, television and cinema in the city of Seville.


With prices ranging from 18€ to 30€, tickets are already on sale: (tickets)