Charitable concert ‘One Toy, One Illusion’

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 22nd at 7pm, the annual charitable concert will be held on the occasion of the campaign ‘One Toy, One Illusion‘, organized by RNE (Spanish National Radio) and the Fundación Crecer Jugando (Rise Playing Foundation), to raise funds to send new toys to the most disadvantaged children, and generate a social awareness debate that reminds society of the right to play.


The concert, to be held at the Teatro Monumental in Madrid, will be conducted by the RTVE Symphony Orchestra and Choir, will be conducted by Miguel A. Gómez-Martínez and will last for 1 hour 10 min. (no intermission).

Orquesta Sinfónica y Coro RTVE - RTVE Symphony Orchestra and Choir


The planned program, which includes movie music (Star Wars from John Williams) as well as Christmas music and classical music, is as follows:

  • John Williams – Star Wars

1. Main Title

2. Princess Leia’s Theme

3. Battle of the Heroes

4. Imperial March

5. Duelo of the Fates

6. Throne room

  • Miguel A. Gómez-Martínez – Christmas Suite

Pastores venid (Arreglos de J. J. Colomer)

Noche de paz (Arreglos de A. Harris)

  • Georg Friedrich Haendel – “Aleluya” The Messiah


The concert will be broadcast live by Radio Clá and La 2, and will be presented by Eva Sandoval, Martín Llade and Diego Requena.

With a fixed price of 15€ (10€ for under 26 years old), there’re still tickets available in the following link: (buy tickets)