Concert ‘John Williams, forever’ in Barcelona – OSV, Marc Timón, Gloria Cheng [WORLD PREMIERE]

Today we bring you more information on a piece of news we shared more than a month ago (read more): a concert that tomorrow, Monday, June 21st, will be performed at the Palau de la Música in Barcelona, Spain, by the Orquesta Sinfónica del Vallès – OSV conducted by composer Marc Timón, featuring pianist Gloria Cheng.


The concert, entitled “John Williams, Forever”, will offer a mix of John Williams’ concert works in a world premiere, pieces from some of his best-known soundtracks, along with a piece composed especially for the occasion by Marc Timón in tribute to Williams, as well as soundtracks by the talented Catalan composer.

Concert ‘John Williams, forever’ in Barcelona - OSV, Marc Timón, Gloria Cheng [WORLD PREMIERE]


The event will be the world premiere and European premiere, respectively, of John Williams’ ‘Prelude and Scherzo for Piano and Orchestra’, having pianist Gloria Cheng as soloist, who has worked on multiple occasions side by side with maestro John Williams.


The evening will also include the world premiere of a piece composed by Marc Timón dedicated to Williams entitled “The Beacon. Tribute to John Williams”, who in his own words “has been an inspiring beacon of light in many moments of my career”.


The complete program will be as follows (duration approximately 80 minutes without intermission):

  • MARC TIMÓN – Witches
    • Witches (Main Theme)
    • Blasphemy and Witchcraft
    • Isolda’s Lullaby
  • JOHN WILLIAMS – Prelude and Scherzo for Piano and Orchestra
    • (World premiere of the Prelude; European premiere of the Scherzo)
  • MARC TIMÓN – Coliseum
    • Mehara The Horse
    • Cleopatra’s Theme
    • Honor and Victory
  • MARC TIMÓN – The Little Wizard
    • The Little Wizard (Main Theme)
    • The Spell
    • The Final Battle
  • MARC TIMÓN – The Beacon. Tribute to John Williams
    • (World premiere)
  • JOHN WILLIAMS – Harry Potter
  • JOHN WILLIAMS – Schindler’s List
  • JOHN WILLIAMS – Jurassic Park
  • JOHN WILLIAMS – Flying Theme from E.T.
  • JOHN WILLIAMS – Star Wars


(PDF Program –


There are still some tickets left for the concert, so if you are in Barcelona, don’t think twice and get one, it will be worth it!!!



And if you can’t go, don’t worry, SoundTrackFest will attend the concert and will tell you about it in a special article that we will publish next week.