Harpa Award 2020 Nominees – Gaute Storaas – Norway

SoundTrackFest, in collaboration with Nordic Film Music Days, brings you a series of exclusive articles with videos of the nominees for the HARPA Award 2020.

Nordic Film Music Days

The second video is about the Norwegian composer Gaute Storaas, nominated for his soundtrack for Colin Nutley‘s tv-series ‘Bröllup, begravning och dop’.



With his television score for Bröllup, begravning och dop (2019-), Gaute Storaas once again displays his firm grasp of orchestral composition as he paints the landscapes and characters of Colin Nutley’s series in broad, pastoral strokes, often using colours of Scandinavian folk music to match the saturated images. The music is carefully spotted, allowing the family intrigues space to breathe, or seguing cautiously in and out of existing songs, while also capturing the big melodramatic moments in the story. The score for Bröllup, begravning och dop feels refreshingly oldfashioned in a time that relies all too often on anonymous drones, favouring instead beautiful, consonant melodies and human warmth. Just as director Nutley returns to the romantic, visual look and the high-energy human drama of his film hit Änglagård (1992), so too does Storaas provide a nostalgic and at times melancholic look on family values (and lost family values) through his mainly strings- and piano-based score.


Comment from Colin Nutley, the director of ‘Bröllup, begravning och dop’:

To work with Gaute was one of the most inspiring collaborations I’ve had. We found each other very quickly and I enjoyed every moment. Gaute’s music gives the series a weight and a richness and takes the drama and the emotion to another level. It actually became the heart of the project.


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Nominee-film: Interview, camera & edit by Tine Louise Kortermand


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