Harpa Award 2020 Nominees – Panu Aaltio – Finland

SoundTrackFest, in collaboration with Nordic Film Music Days, brings you a series of exclusive articles with videos of the nominees for the HARPA Award 2020.

Nordic Film Music Days

The fifth and final video is about the Finnish composer Panu Aaltio, nominated for his soundtrack for ‘Nature Symphony – Luontosinfonia’ directed by Marko Röhr.


In Panu Aaltio’s words:

I’m truly honored and humbled to receive the nomination among all the amazing competition this year. I’m particularly happy it is for this exact film, which has been so important to me personally. There’s huge possibility in taking people on a nature adventure where they bring the narrative from their own experience. I think it can lead to deeper empathy and understanding.”


In Marko Röhr’s words (director):

​​I have had a very close and emotional relationship with nature since my childhood, which is one of the main reasons why I became a filmmaker. Filming nature and making it possible for the audience to see places, where they cannot visit themselves, has been my mission. But as a filmmaker my biggest challenge is how to communicate the feelings nature evokes inside of me.

Panu Aaltio has a talent to bring the emotions and right feelings in my nature movies. Sometimes I have had a feeling, that his music rises above the movie as a piece of art. Therefore it was natural to give his music main role in this film; Nature Symphony is a symphony of picture and music, Panu Aaltio’s music playing the main role!


Watch the full video here:

Nominee-film: Interview, camera & edit by Tine Louise Kortermand


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