Michael Nyman in Spain this November

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Composer Michael Nyman will visit Spain this November to mark the 40th anniversary of the Michael Nyman Band, and will do so through three cities:

  • Santiago de Compostela next Friday 4th in solitary.
  • Barcelona on Thursday 10 accompanied by his band Michael Nyman Band
  • San Sebastián on Sunday 13 accompanied by his bandMichael Nyman Band.


The concert of Santiago de Compostela, is included within a series of concerts called “Latitudes” that Galicia Tourism has launched with the Extraordinary Xubileo Year, to bring renowned artists to Galicia.

Michael Nynman - Playing piano

It will be held in the Conference Centre at 9pm (doors opening 7:30pm), where Michael Nyman will perform a concert with only the piano and film music from his extensive repertoire, with the following scheduled program:

  • Franklyn (from the film Wonderland)
  • Debbie (from the film Wonderland)
  • Jack (from the film Wonderland)
  • The Morrow (from the film Gattaca)
  • Becoming Jerome (from the film Gattaca)
  • The Departure (from the film Gattaca)
  • Light of Love/Why (from the film The Diary of Anna Frank)
  • Diary of Love (from the film The End of the Affair)
  • The Mistress
  • If
  • Big my secret (from the film The Piano)
  • Silver-fingered fling (from the film The Piano)
  • The Heart Asks Pleasure First (from the film The Piano)
  • An Eye for Optical Theory (from the film The Draghtsman’s Contract)
  • Candlefire
  • Odessa Beach
  • A Propos De Nice

Tickets, with prices between 19,1€ and 21,1€ can be bought in: (buy tickets)


The concert of Barcelona however, will have full Mychael Nyman Band (12 members total), and will be held on Thursday, November 10th at 9pm in the Palau de la Música, in the “48 Voll-Damm International Festival jazz Barcelona“.

Michael Nynman Band - 40th anniversary

With a program not detailed yet, Michael Nyman will review in chronological order his works for the Michael Nyman Band (soundtracks, vocal music and pieces premiere included), leading to a special concert of 40th anniversary, because the band was founded in 1976.

Tickets, with prices from 15€ to 54€ can be bought in:



And finally, the concert of San Sebastian will also be a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Michael Nyman Band, and will be held on Sunday November 13 at 7pm at the Kursaal Auditorium, where again a selection of works from the composer’s career will be interpreted  (program not detailed yet).

Michael Nynman Band - Concert

With tickets from the 30€ category only available, the link to buy them is the following: