Tan Dun’s Organic Trilogy with New Japan Philharmonic

Oscar-winner Chinese composer Tan Dun will perform a very curious and interesting concert tomorrow Saturday 17th of March – 2:00 p.m. at the Suntory Hall in Tokyo (Japan).


There Tan Dun will conduct the New Japan Philharmonic to his Organic Trilogy Concert, consisting of three individual but related concertos named Water Concerto, Paper Concerto and Earth Concerto, prepared for water, paper and ceramic percussion and orchestra. The concert will also include special musicians to play the organic instruments: Haruka Fuji (percussionist), Beibei Wang (percussionist) and Meng Zhang (ceramic instruments).

The Water Concerto was composed in 1998 and uses water bowls to create a different and organic sound, blending with the orchestral sound, with a total duration of 27 minutes.

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Tan Dun - Organic Trilogy - Water Concerto


The Paper Concerto was composed in 2003, uses paper instruments to complement the orchestra, and consists of four movements with a total duration of 30 minutes.

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Tan Dun - Organic Trilogy - Paper Concerto


The Earth Concerto was composed in 2009, uses 99 ceramic and stone instruments with large orchestra, and consists of three movements with a total duration of 40 minutes.

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Tan Dun - Organic Trilogy - Earth Concerto


Tickets, with prices between 4000-8000 JPY (31-61 €) are available at the following link:



And here yo have a video of Tan Dun himself on March 13th, choosing bowls in the Nakano pottery market for the concert in Japan.


A very interesting trilogy, worth keeping track of!