Workshop ‘Situation of the music for the audiovisual’ and award for José Nieto

Tomorrow Friday, March 31st, from 10:00 am to 7:00 p.m., a professional meeting organized by the SGAE Foundation and the Association of Music Composers for the Audiovisual (Musimagen) will be held at the SGAE Cultural Center of Valencia (Spain), entitled “The situation of the music for the audiovisual“, and where throughout the day, the 1st Musimagen Award will be given to composer Jose Nieto.

Workshop ‘Situation of the music for the audiovisual’ - Poster

This workshop, developed as a forum for dialogue and exchange of experiences and ideas among professionals in the sector, will consist of three conferences:

  • At 10:15 a.m., the round table “The profession of the film and television musician. Training, promotion and internationalization” will be held, with Victor Reyes (audiovisual composer), John Groves (soundbranding expert) and Vanessa Garde (audiovisual composer and professor at Berklee College of Music Valencia), moderated by José Miguel Martínez (audiovisual producer).


  • At 12.15 p.m. the round table “Music for the audiovisual and the digital market. Potentialities and specificities” will be held, with the participation of Clemente Sánchez (Digital Rights Department of SGAE) and José Antonio de Luna (co-founder and business director of FILMIN), moderated by Eva Gancedo (audiovisual composer).


  • And after the lunch break, at 4:00 p.m. the round table “Music for the audiovisual, copyright and collective management entities” will be held, with the participation of Luis Felipe Palacios (General Director of the SGAE), Antonio Meliveo (audiovisual composer), Luis Ivars (audiovisual composer and president of Musimagen) and Antonio Martínez Bodi (Director of Legal Services of the SGAE), moderated by Inés París (Institutional Audiovisual Director of the SGAE Foundation)


The entrance to the event is free for all the public, previous registration by electronic mail in or through the next link: (follow link)