XV Jerry Goldsmith Awards – Submissions deadline (July 2022)

This Friday, July 15, is the deadline to submit entries for the Jerry Goldsmith Awards, which in 2022 will have their 15th edition (the last edition held was the 14th in 2019).

XV Jerry Goldsmith Awards - Submissions deadline (July 2022)


The following is the official press release:



Film Music Festival, the Jerry Goldsmith Awards team communicates:

After these two years of pandemic, the deadline for the submission of works for our awards was extended  and now has been set on July 15th 2022.

At the end of August, the nominations in the different categories will be announced as well as the date and venue when the prestigious Jerry Goldsmith Awards will be held and delivered in its fifteenth edition.

Check out  http://filmmusicfestival.org/en/jerrygoldsmithawards/ or send us an email to jerrygoldsmithawards@filmmusicfestival.org


NOTE: Eligibility is Jan 1, 2019 through July 15, 2022.

Official description:

“Film Music Festival presents annually its Jerry Goldsmith Awards, internationally consolidated after acquiring a deserved popularity among artists and fans. Its aim has always been to recognize the work of musicians in the audiovisual sector (film, television, advertising or other areas), especially of those who, despite having a career, have not obtained a well deserved recognition. And always with particular attention to young composers, novice or that are beginning to have experience.


In a first phase, participants submit their creations to be assessed in the different categories included on its regulations. A second phase selects the finalists. And finally the winners are announced in each of the categories during a ceremony.


Jerry Goldsmith Awards are awarded in nine categories – feature film length, short film, videogame, documentary, television, performing arts, advertising / promotion, free creation & song -, along with a tenth award for the best composer of each edition. Its international consolidation has occurred for several reasons. On one hand its consideration, by composers and members of the audiovisual industry, as a platform for public recognition that focuses on talent little known or novel, as well as job opportunities that entails being a part of it. On the other hand, the undoubted quality and talent demonstrated by professionals and works that have been part of this awards. These awards have had the presence of professionals such as Alexander Cimini, Lucas Vidal, Arnau Bataller, Neal Acree, Zeltia Montes, Marc Vaíllo, Alan Williams, Zacarías M. de la Riva, Sergio de la Puente, Marc Helm, James Peterson, Stuart Hancock or Aritz Villodas as a small sample of some of its winners.”


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