Composer Preview: Nathaniel Méchaly

French composer Nathaniel Méchaly, winner of several BMI Awards for his music for action movie saga Taken, opened a few days ago the doors of his studio in Paris (France) for Gorka Oteiza of SoundTrackFest.


While the interview is being prepared, here you have some photos of that visit, where Nathaniel spoke about his beginnings, about how collaboration with the director strongly influences his creative process, and showed us how he uses the cello and the piano when composing a soundtrack.


In addition, and coinciding with the recent premiere of the Swedish film ‘Swoon / Eld & Lagor’ (2019, dir Måns Mårlind, Björn Stein), he showed some videos and tracks of the delicious and splendid soundtrack he has composed for the movie. This soundtrack, which we strongly recommend to you, has been edited in digital format by Moviescore Media and will be edited shortly in physical format.