Hans Zimmer Live 2023 – Madrid 🎶⭐🎉

On Wednesday, May 16, a new concert of the Hans Zimmer Live 2023 tour was celebrated, on this occasion at the sold-out WiZink Center in Madrid.


This was the second concert offered by the tour in Spain, after Bilbao, on the first time ever visiting the country.


Our collaborator Rafa Melgar, attended the concert and here you can see some pictures and read a few lines about the concert, in what he has described as an impressive and essential musical and visual experience.


Three hours with Hans

We all agree that Hans is a genius, right? Well, there are still some haters who questioned that or who may question this today, but that’s denying the absolute evidence.


Aren’t soundtracks like Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, Interstellar, or The Lion King masterpieces? Well, let the haters continue living in that parallel reality.


On Wednesday, May 16, the WiZink Center, with a SoldOut for months, proved that Zimmer’s aura transcends beyond what would be purely film music. Zimmer would be to the world of soundtracks what Mick Jagger is to Rock.

Hans Zimmer Live 2023 - Madrid


Popcorn, HotDogs, big glasses of calimocho, and merchandising sales everywhere predicted the public’s eagerness to experience the show. The beginning of the event was apotheosis, starting with the noise feeling like a wave, probably a consequence of the abstinence syndrome that we had been waiting for months for this concert. If your expectations were to attend a film music concert, know that you not only got that but probably the best Rock concert you’ve ever attended.


Certainly some moments did not go unnoticed: I loved the reference to the difficult beginnings and that personal experience where we have all worked at McDonald’s for a living, emphasizing guitarist Guthrie Govan, “because he is a five-star guitarist”.


The lysergic moment that stood out was the one that made us travel to outer space. The ceiling of the WiZink became a universe of stars and galaxies thanks to a crystal ball (which seemed to have been taken from Studio54) where the spotlights were projected from all angles.


I had a regression with my twelve-year-old Rafa where I saw myself running with Nala and Simba; Madrid became the African savannah for about six minutes, full of arid, reddish and yellow colors.

Hans Zimmer Live 2023 - Madrid


Ukraine was present even before the start, with a blue and yellow flag that merged into the screen where the whole arena of spectators was being projected. Also the orchestra was composed by Ukrainian musicians, and at the end of the show, they raised a Ukrainian flag, waving in the center of the stage.

Hans Zimmer Live 2023 - Madrid


I will only put one “but”: the chairs in the arena, joined by flanges were unnecessary, because without a doubt, the energy given off by the music only incited to jump, scream… And to turn it into a total party, without reaching debauchery, but with a bit of healthy uncontrol.


There are thousands of nuances to be developed, but I would like to end with the feeling that the H and Z have become a classic, just like the Rolling Stones’ tongue.


Article & pictures by Rafa Melgar


📸 Hans Zimmer Live 2023 – Madrid (c) Rafa Melgar