2019-02-22 – 9:55 h

As it has recently been published by Variety magazine (read more), French composer Alexandre Desplat won’t be able to travel to Los Angeles this weekend for the Oscar Ceremony, due to recent throat surgery.


Alexandre Desplat had to cancel the two concerts he was going to conduct in Hong Kong last month (read more), with the organization announcing it was due to a short-term medical condition, that now has confirmed to be a problem with his vocal cords.


Irony has called Desplat’s door, as he was writing a chamber opera called “Silence” to debut next Tuesday 26th of February in Luxembourg (read more), while he started to have problems to speak and was diagnosed by his doctors to have vocal cord surgery.


Silence” is based on a short story by Japanese writer Yasunari Kawabat, where a young writer goes to visit an older one who has suffered a stroke and can no longer speak or write, and even refuses to make any facial expressions or gestures. The chamber opera will premiere as planned next Tuesday.


Even if the surgery has gone ok and Alexandre Desplat is fully recovered, doctors haven’t cleared him for an international flight, so he will have to watch this Sunday the Oscar Ceremony from the comfort of his home in Paris, and see if he can get his third Oscar with his score for ‘Isle of Dogs’.