2018-03-22 – 17:10 h

The Chilean composer Jorge Aliaga will offer an applied composition workshop centered on the discovery and development of new techniques applied to audiovisual media, divided in two modules: one oriented to the fundamentals of the composition (24 hours) and another oriented to the cinematographic composition (48 hours).

The workshop is aimed at composers, musicians, and/or the general public that has experimented in the creation of songs, with interpretation experience in some musical instrument.


The first module will take place April 3-27 or August 7-30, 2018, twice a week, in 3-hour days until completing the 24 hours of the module.


The second module will be held May 3-June 27 or October 2-November 22, 2018, twice a week, in 3-hour days until completing the 48 hours of the module.


Where: Studio Master (Santiago, Chile)

More information and contents: http://www.jorgealiaga.com/blog/files/881a508c13aaf3f048f40a2ddde5842f-5.html

Inscription: contacto@studiomaster.cl


Promotional video:

Ciclo Formativo 2018 en Jorge Aliaga Studio & Academy, dos módulos para conectar con tus imaginarios musicales y poder proyectarlos al servicio de la imagen. (Se agradece el compartir y difundir esta oportunidad para jóvenes compositores que comienzan en el bello mundo de la música aplicada) Interesados escribir a contacto@studiomaster.cl o INBOX

Publicado por Jorge Aliaga en Miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2018