2021-05-23 – 12:40 h

ECSA (European Composer and Songwriter Alliance) presents ‘European Film Music Days 2021’, two conferences to be celebrated online on May 25 and May 27 at 17:00h CEST (8:00h PDT), with the support of the Creative Europe Programme.


Tuesday 25/5/2021 – Composing for Video Games: The Creative Process

  • Panelists: This panel discussion will feature composers: Nainita Desai (UK), Bobby Tahouri (US), Joris de Man (The Netherlands), and Patrik Andrén (Sweden). The session will be moderated by Yati Durant (UK).


  • Description: The panelists will give the viewers insight into scoring gaming soundtracks and the challenges and opportunities that come in the video games realm. They will also discuss how music in video gaming has come a long way and will elaborate on their music creating process and the differences between scoring for film/TV and video games.


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Thursday 27/5/2021 – Buyouts in the audiovisual sector: How is the problem affecting music creators?

  • Panelists: This panel discussion will feature: Anselm Kreuzer (Composers Club – Germany), Ashley Irwin (The Society of Composers and Lyricists – US), Dominic Houston (Netflix -VP for Music), David El Sayegh (SACEM – France), and Janine Lorente (JLorente Consulting). The session will be moderated by ECSA’s Secretary General Marc du Moulin.


  • Description: Global streamers are increasing their audiovisual productions in Europe and beyond. In parallel, the number of buy-outs contracts for screen composers is also increasing dramatically in Europe. But what are buy-out contracts? How do they impact the remuneration of screen composers? What solutions to limit their expansion and its detrimental impact on music authors? The panelists will focus on how to improve awareness of creators’ rights on the critical issue of buyouts in the audiovisual sector, and what can be done to ensure composers can get a proportionate remuneration for the exploitation of their works.


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