2021-11-14 – 20:20 h

Last Friday, November 12, a film music concert was held as part of the 31st edition of the FANCINE festival (10-18/11/2021) in Malaga, Spain, which was streamed online for free on YouTube.


The concert was performed by the Orquesta Sinfónica Provincial de Málaga conducted by Miguel Romea, with the participation Sergio de la Puente and the Ferrando Brothers, and took place at the ETSI Telecomunicaciones y ETSI Informática, Campus de Teatinos, Universidad de Málaga.


The program was as follows:

  • Fox Fanfare
  • Suite ‘Blade Runner’ – Vangelis (Orchestrated by Sergio de la Puente)
  • ‘Sin Fin’ – Sergio de la Puente
  • Suite ‘Robocop’ – Basil Poledouris
  • ‘Aliens’ – “Bishop Countdown” – James Horner
  • Suite de ‘Iron Man’ (Includes themes from the film trilogy orchestrated by the Ferrando Brothers)
  • Starship Troopers – Basil Poledouris


The complete concert can be watched here (1h 04m 00s):


Additionally, on Friday, November 12 at 19h, our collaborator Sergio Hardasmal gave a conference at the festival, focused on the presentation of the second edition of the book ‘Basil Poledouris’ and fantastic cinema.


Here are some photos:


Link with more information about the book and to purchase it on Amazon:

https://www.amazon.es/m%C3%BAsica-Basil-Poledouris-Sergio-Hardasmal/dp/B08PJ1LM83/ (14,90€)