2022-01-24 – 11:50 h

The Film Symphony Orchestra led by Constantino Martínez Orts, returns to Bilbao in May 2022 with its new Phoenix Tour, after 7 years since their last visit to the city.


And to celebrate this event, they have decided to announce it with humor, bringing a smile to their northern fans with the following message:



We are in the year 2022 after Jesus Christ. The whole peninsula is occupied by FSO concerts…


All of it? No!


A city populated by irreducible Basques has been resisting the invader for 7 years. And life is not easy for the FSO musicians, who show their desire again and again to return to that place they conquered with glory until 2015…”


If you are in the area, do not miss this concert in Bilbao on Saturday, May 7, 2022 @19:30h. Tickets (34-59 €):



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