2022-08-30 – 20:00 h

Below, we bring you the poster and more information about the concert entitled “Ridley Scott: Like Tears In Rain” to be held on Saturday, September 17th at 8 pm at the Guimerá Theater, during the 16th edition of Fimucité.


Taking as the title of the concert the monologue of the “replicant” Roy Batty in “Blade Runner”, probably one of the most remembered in the history of science fiction cinema, Gonzalo de Araoz, director of the Pop Culture Band, proposes a journey through the films of the three-time Oscar-nominated director, Ridley Scott, through films such as “Blade Runner”, “American Gangster”, “The Martian”, “Black Hawk Down”, “Thelma & Louise”, “Matchstick Men”, “House of Gucci”, “White Squall”, “Black Rain” and more.


The audience will enjoy a selection of the best songs from his films, immersing themselves in different musical genres, taking also this opportunity to pay tribute to the wonderful composer Vangelis, recently deceased, and creator of the mind-blowing soundtrack of the legendary “Blade Runner”.



  • Group: The Pop Culture Band
  • Musical Director: Gonzalo de Araoz Vigil
  • Vocalists:
    • Jadel
    • Héctor Quintero
    • Zuleyma Medina
    • Patricio González
    • Iris de Armas
    • Sandra Torres
    • Juan de Araoz
  • Musicians:
    • Gonzalo de Araoz: Director, producer, and guitarist
    • Nuria Herrero: Percussionist
    • Francis Díaz: Guitarist
    • Aborá Cel: Keyboardist and violinist
    • David González: Keyboardist
    • Daniel Lukacs: Bassist
    • Javi Guerrero: Drummer
    • Cristo Delgado: Trombonist
    • Elio Bignotte: Trumpeter
    • Luis Cuan: Saxophonist
    • Juan de Araoz: Guitarist


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