2024-05-07 – 14:20 h


Explore the captivating sounds of epic gaming worlds brought to life by 150 musicians and singers at DR Koncerthuset. The Danish National Symphony Orchestra transforms the stage into enchanted musical landscapes inspired by legendary video games such as ‘The Legend of Zelda’ and ‘League of Legends,’ featuring Nordic vocalist Eivør as a special guest in ‘Legends Never Die’ and more.


The scores from epic gaming worlds evoke strong memories for every gamer, resonating also with those who love grand soundtracks from the world of movies.


In this concert with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, you can experience music from classic video games such as Halo, Legends of Zelda and World of Warcraft, as well as more recent games like God of War and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, all of which offer a magnificent symphonic sound.


The fantastic acoustics of DR Koncerthuset and spectacular light and laser design by visual light artists Vertigo set the stage for an extraordinary evening, featuring the mesmerizing Nordic vocalist Eivør in hits like ‘Legends never die’ from League of Legends, while award-winning actor David Bateson’s iconic voice from Hitman ensures an authentic gamer atmosphere for all.


Get ready to explore exciting and iconic gaming worlds in the company of over 150 participating singers and musicians from the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and Danish National Concert Choir, along with Eivør and Danish TV presenter Jakob Stegelmann.


  • Danish National Symphony Orchestra
  • Danish National Concert Choir
  • James Sherlock – Conductor
  • Eivør – Solist
  • David Bateson – Solist
  • Isabel Schwartzbach – Soloist
  • Vertigo – Light design
  • Jakob Stegelmann – Host


  • Hitman – Hitman
  • Dragonborn – Elder Scrolls V – The Dragonborn Comes
  • Warhammer – Suite
  • World of Warcraft – Night Song/Xaxas
  • Baldurs Gate III – Suite Main Theme part 2 / Raphaels Final Act
  • God of War – Main titles – A Son’s Path – Memories of Mother – Suite
  • Final Fantasy – Liberi Fatali
  • The Witcher III – Lullaby of Woe
  • Halo – Trilogy suite
  • Zelda – 25th anniversary
  • Nier Automata – A beautiful Song
  • The Last of Us – All Gone
  • Civilasation VI – Sogno Di Volare
  • League of legends – Legends Never Die
  • Gaming legacy medley – Legacy medley