2024-05-01 – 17:35 h

The 17th edition of the Krakow Film Music Festival (22-26 May 2024), will celebrate the special concert ‘INTERNATIONAL GALA: INDIVIDUALS’ on May 23rd, with the presence and participation of composers: Daniel Pemberton, Martin Phipps, Rob Simonsen, Anthony Willis, and Elliot Goldenthal.


More information about that concert and tickets below.


Come to the International Gala: Individuals and meet the strong personalities of world film music: Brits Daniel Pemberton, Anthony Willis and Martin Phipps, and Americans Rob Simonsen and Elliot Goldenthal. Each of them is an established composer with an impressive portfolio and each creates unique musical worlds. Of course, they will not be absent from the concert!

What have they prepared for the FMF?

Rob Simonsen will present the extremely dense music from Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale. The compositions will be played on large flutes specially constructed to replicate the underwater soundscape.

Anthony Willis has prepared for us the unsettling themes from Saltburn and the Promising. Young. Woman., in which he uses, among other things, synthesisers to drive the play with the best traditions of British choral and organ music.

Martin Phipps returns to Krakow with his soundtrack to Ridley Scott’s Napoleon, in which he combines elements of historical music with modern, unusual solutions.

Daniel Pemberton will provide us with great emotion through his dynamic and full of electronic effects music for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. A frenetic soundtrack, invaded by a variety of sounds, rhythms and pulses.

Elliot Goldenthal will remind us of the Grand Gothic Suite, whose premiere at the FMF in 2014 won the hearts of fans.

Tickets for the concert are available:

on KBF: BILETY – https://bit.ly/InternationalGala_kbfbilety

on EVENTIM – https://bit.ly/InternationalGala_eventim

on the KBF: PLUS mobile app (http://kbfplus.pl)


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