Krakow FMF 2024 – Detailed concert program

Krakow Film Music Festival will celebrate its 17th edition on 22-26 May 2024, and today, has unveiled the complete concert program, announcing also many of its international guests: Elliot Goldenthal, Daniel Pemberton, Martin Phipps, Rob Simonsen, Julie Taymor, Anthony Willis, Dirk Brossé, Kebu, Robert Townson, Sara Andon, Simone Pedroni, Cecilia Tsan, and Erik Ochsner.

Krakow FMF 2024 - Detailed concert program


Official Announcement:



„1670″, „Forgotten Love” and „The Peasants” – these are just a few of the titles that will fill the ICE Krakow Congress Centre with Slavic energy. During the International Gala: Personalities we will hear compositions from such famous films as „Napoleon”, „Promising. Young. Woman”, „Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” or „The Whale”. A special event has been planned to celebrate the 30th anniversary of „Schindler’s List” and the 70th birthday of Oscar-winning composer Elliot Goldenthal. The diverse program of this year’s Krakow Film Music Festival will be complemented by new interpretations of classic themes from “Blade Runner”, „Interstellar” and „Star Wars”.


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Detailed program:

22/5/2024 - 18h - WED - Traces of Memory - Krakow Philharmonic Concert Hall

Williams – Goldenthal – Penderecki – Komasa – Kroke

30 years of Schindler’s List and 70 years of Elliot Goldenthal


The Traces of Memory concert programme stems from the cultures of Poland and the United States, including the Jewish tradition that links both countries. It was inspired by two anniversaries: The 30th anniversary of the Polish release of Schindler’s List, with unforgettable score by John Williams, and the 70th birthday of Academy Award-winning composer Elliot Goldenthal. The concert will also feature works by Krzysztof Penderecki, Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz and the legendary band Kroke. The concert is organised in cooperation with the Krakow Philharmonic and the United States Consulate in Krakow, which has been a part of the city for 50 years.


The first part of the concert will focus on the 30th anniversary of the release of Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List. The story of an entrepreneur who saved more than a thousand Jews from the threat of the Third Reich, continues to move the audiences to the core and still asks the same universal questions. We cannot overlook John Williams score, which plays a major role in this piece. The composer explored the heritage of Ashkenazi Jews, viewing it through the lens of his unique sensibility.


In addition to a suite from Schindler’s List, this part will also feature a performance by Kroke, which is also celebrating its 30th birthday. Back in the 1990s, Kroke members were seen as true pioneers, discovering Krakow’s forgotten klezmer traditions. Their talent caught the attention of Steven Spielberg himself, who invited them to a ceremony held for those, who survived thanks to Oskar Schindler’s list. This was a watershed moment in the history of the band, which has since continued to explore the immense variety of sounds and surprise the audiences with improvisations.


War in Europe is not a thing of the past – that is why the programme also prominently features a suite by Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz written for In the Rearview. A Polish-French-Ukrainian documentary directed by Maciej Hamela tells the story of the first days of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine and the fate of millions of refugees. The composer was inspired by the poetry of Lina Kostenko, which he discovered while working on a score for the 2022 Composers4Ukraine event.


The second part of the concert will be devoted to celebrating Elliot Goldenthal‘s 70th birthday. The Jewish-American composer is renowned as one of the most prominent musicians in the world – his accolades include an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a World Soundtrack Award, among many other awards. The composer will take part in the performance of his Symphony No. 3, illustrating Barbara Sadowska’s poems – her notes and scribbles from the days of martial law in Poland, when the communist regime tried to put a stop to the democratic processes. Goldenthal, who was one of the guests of the FMF back in the day, became friends with Krzysztof Penderecki. To highlight the creative dialogue between the prominent composers, our programme features Ciaccona in memoria del Giovanni Paolo II.


The solemn concert, performed by the excellent Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra led by Alexander Humala, will highlight the American-Polish friendship and the message of the value of peace and joint security efforts.



Part I

The Best of Kroke

Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewcz – Skrzydła from In the Rearview

John Williams – Three Pieces from „Schindler’s List”

I. Theme from Schindler’s List
II. Jewish Town (Krakow Ghetto – Winter ’41)
III. Remembrances

Part II

Krzysztof Penderecki – Ciaccona in memoriam Giovanni Paolo II
Elliot Goldenthal – Symphony No. 3
I. Mam na imię… (My name is…)
II. We mnie (Within me…)
III. Boża krówka rakowiecka
IV. Sen (Dream)
V. Pazurki (Claws)



Agata Szymczewska – violin

Natalia Rubiś – soprano

Mary Komasa – soprano


Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra

Alexander Humala – conductor


Special guests:

Elliot Goldenthal

Julie Taymor


The concert is co-organised by the Krakow Philharmonic.

The public task is financed from the budget of the City of Kraków.


Tickets (120-140 PLN / 28-33 €):

Krakow FMF 2024 - Traces of Memory

22/5/2024 - 21h - WED - Synthesizer Legends - Kebu - Kwadrat Club

Blade Runner – Terminator – Top Gun

Top Gun, Terminator, Blade Runner – what all of these famous movies have in common is their unique atmosphere, created by the distinctive synthesizer sounds. Fancy a return to the 1970s and 80s? Join us and see Synthesizer Legends at Kwadrat Club! Kebu – one of the most interesting contemporary electronic music creators – will create a soundscape for us to explore.


Kebu is a Finnish composer and performer who creates melodic electronic music, which is characterised not only by its immense precision and mastery, but also positive vibes that he exudes during live performances. To date, he toured thirteen countries and won the German Schallwelle Award given to the best international artists not once, but twice.


During his European tour, Kebu will perform original compositions as well as the some of the legendary 1980s electronic music tunes featured on the Synthesizer Legends – Volume 1 album. Every sound will be peformed using an impressive battery of analogue synthesizers and drum machines.





The public task is financed from the budget of the City of Kraków.


Tickets (120 PLN / 28 €):

Krakow FMF 2024 - Synthesizer Legends - Kebu

23/5/2024 - 19h - THU - International Gala: Individuals - ICE Krakow

Pemberton – Phipps – Simonsen – Willis


The Trial of the Chicago 7, Napoleon, Promising Young Woman, The Whale – who are the people behind the music for the most thrilling releases of the past few years? The International Gala will serve a unique opportunity to discover works by outstanding composers of the middle generation. Daniel Pemberton, Martin Phipps, Rob Simonsen, and Anthony Willis are already enjoying well-deserved respect in the industry. It is time for their scores to delight the FMF audiences, thanks to excellent performances by Sinfonietta Cracovia.


One of the highlights of the upcoming FMF will be an international gala showcasing some of the most outstanding personalities of the film music world: Daniel Pemberton and Martin Phipps from the United Kingdom, Rob Simonsen from the United States, and Anthony Willis from Australia. Each of them is an established composer with an impressive portfolio and an ability to create unique musical worlds.


The listeners will have the opportunity to dive into the monumental flute part from Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale, the haunting themes from Saltburn and Promising Young Woman, the royal sounds heard on the score to the award-winning Napoleon, and a poignant song from Trial of the Chicago 7. The dynamic score to Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse filled to the brim with electronic effects is sure to provide all listeners with some thrills. Celebrating Elliot Goldenthal’s 70th birthday, we will also recall the Grand Gothic Suite, whose premiere at the FMF in 2014 won the hearts of fans. The quality of the performance will be ensured by Sinfonietta Cracovia and its musicians led by Dirk Brossé – a conductor who already made a name for himself among the attendees of the previous FMF editions.



Daniel Pemberton – Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, The Trial of the Chicago 7, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Rob Simonsen – The Whale, Fast Colour, The Age of Adaline

Anthony Willis – Saltburn, Promising Young Woman, M3GAN, How To Train Your Dragon: Homecoming

Martin Phipps – Napoleon, The Crown

Elliot Goldenthal – Grand Gothic Suite



Sinfonietta Cracovia

Dirk Brossé – conductor


Special guests:

Daniel Pemberton

Martin Phipps

Rob Simonsen

Anthony Willis

Elliot Goldenthal

Julie Taymor


The public task is financed from the budget of the City of Kraków.


Tickets (100-160 PLN / 23-37 €):

Krakow FMF 2024 - International Gala: Individuals

24/5/2024 - 19h - FRI - Piano Chorale - Krakow Philharmonic Concert Hall

Blade Runner 2049 – Edward Scissorhands – Interstellar


Aleksander Dębicz and the Polish Radio Choir on stage, with unforgettable music filling the air. Themes from Blade Runner 2049, Edward Scissorhands and Interstellar will be presented in special renditions, with the latest compositions by Aleksander Dębicz crowning the event.


Piano Chorale is a synthesis of two fan-favourite formats. It all started with a concert showcasing the pieces from Cinematic Piano by Aleksander Dębicz, an outstanding pianist who boldly combines traditional chamber music with film scores. We then started looking for inspiration in the Cinema Chorale concert series – an attempt to capture the extraordinary atmosphere created by choirs in motion pictures. This led to a brand-new concept.


The concert programme will feature new renditions of themes from classics such as Blade Runner 2049, Edward Scissorhands and Interstellar, as well as Aleksander Dębicz’s original works from his latest album Magnolia. Expect nothing but surprises that evening!



Aleksander Dębicz – piano

Adam Tański – organ

Polish Radio Choir

The public task is financed from the budget of the City of Kraków.


Tickets (120-140 PLN / 28-33 €):

Krakow FMF 2024 - Piano Chorale

25/5/2024 - 19h - SAT - Polish Gala - Modern roots - ICE Krakow

Lucewicz – Napiórkowski – Reikowski – Rogiewicz – Rostkowski – Syrewicz


1670, Peasants, Bejbis, Blacktail, 30 Door Key, Forgotten Love – every single one of these movies owes its unique character to its score. This evening, we will be joined by some of the most talented composers to dive into the sources of our traditions, while taking advantage of the opportunities opened up by new media. This is going to be a great celebration of Polish music!


What are Polish firm, TV series and video game scores like these days? The most interesting among them serve as a testament to the virtuosity and imagination of our composers. The FMF has been supporting and promoting the Polish film music industry for more than seventeen years. As we proudly watch it grow, we give the floor to the people, whose careers are picking up speed just now.


One of the most important trends of this day and age is the search for inspiration in Slavic folk music. That’s why the concert programme features a suite by Łukasz “L.U.C.” Rostkowski from The Peasants, which saw tremendous box office success, as well as the mesmerizing score from Blacktail, which brought Arkadiusz Reikowski a Digital Dragons Award (Best Polish Game Audio). It will also include Paweł Lucewicz‘s poetic soundtrack for Netflix’s take on Forgotten Love. All of these scores combine the sound of strong white voices and traditional instruments with the power of a symphony orchestra.


The evening will culminate with the 2023 Polish Soundtrack of the Year Award ceremony – as always, the concert will be opened by last year’s winner – Marek Napiórkowski. Together with outstanding jazz artists, he will showcase pieces from Bejbis. In addition, we will hear a composition by the winner of the FMF Young Talent Award competition.


The concert will also feature a tribute to the doyen of Polish composers – Stanisław Syrewicz, whose career started with writing the music for the first Polish-British TV co-production Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in 1980. He composed scores for more than a hundred films, including works by such prominent directors as John Frankenheimer, Ken Russell, Jerzy Skolimowski and Andrzej Żuławski. His score for Stalin brought him the prestigious ACE Award, while the soundtrack to The Choir TV series remained the top classical music record in the UK and Australia for weeks, resulting in the Gold Record Award. The Polish Music Gala will feature songs from 30 Door Key and The Clandestine Marriage.


The evening will see many outstanding musicians performing on one stage. The pieces from Forgotten Love will be performed by the SVAHY trio, accompanied on bass flute by Katarzyna Gacek-Dudek. The Polish-Ukrainian Zazula ensemble will join forces with Bart Pałyga to present songs from Blacktail, and the impressive score from The Peasants will be presented by Łukasz “L.U.C.” Rostkowski and the Rebel Babel Film Orchestra. The musicians will be accompanied by the outstanding Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra, led by Katarzyna Tomala-Jedynak.



Part I

Marek Napiórkowski – Bejbis

Stanisław Syrewicz – 30 Door Key, Clandestine Marriage

Polish Soundtrack of the Year Awards Ceremony

Jerzy Rogiewicz – 1670

Part II

Arkadiusz Reikowski – Blacktail

Paweł Lucewicz – Forgotten Love

Young Talent Award ceremony, performance of the winning score

Łukasz „L.U.C.” Rostkowski – Peasants




Dorota Miśkiewicz – vocals

Marek Napiórkowski – guitar

Henryk Miśkiewicz – saxophone

Michał Tokaj – piano

Robert Kubiszyn – double bass

Paweł Dobrowolski – drums

Forgotten Love


Katarzyna Gacek-Dudek – ethnic bass flute



Bart Pałyga – vocals, ethnic instruments

Clandestine Marriage

Agnieszka Przekupieńvocal


Łukasz “L.U.C.” Rostkowski

Rebel Babel Film Orchestra

Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra

Katarzyna Tomala-Jedynak – Conductor


The public task is financed from the budget of the City of Kraków.


Tickets (100-140 PLN / 23-33 €):

Krakow FMF 2024 - Polish Gala - Modern roots

26/5/2024 - 12h & 15h - SUN - John Williams for Three - Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology

Memoirs of a Geisha – Schindler’s List – Star Wars


Flute, piano and cello – the chamber ensemble will shine a new light on John Williams’ repertoire, showcasing pieces from The Witches of Eastwick, Dracula, Star Wars, Hook, Schindler’s List and Memoirs of a Geisha, as well as many others.


John Williams is not only one of several of the most famous and respected film music composers worldwide, but also a cornerstone of American culture – as a composer, conductor and pianist. His career has continued uninterrupted since the 1950s.   He has written music for more than a hundred films, including nine installments of the Star Wars saga and twenty-eight works by Steven Spielberg. To date, he has won five Academy Awards and as many as fifty-two nominations.


The concert will showcase a cross-section of his works arranged for flute, cello and piano. The instruments will be handled by equally outstanding artists – Sara Andon, who is well known to FMF audiences, as well as Simone Pedroni, and Cecilia Tsan. The concert is produced by Robert Townson, FMF Ambassador who has worked with some of the world’s biggest film music stars.



Star Wars: Princess Leia’s Theme

Jane Eyre: To Thornfield, Reunion

Memoirs of a Geisha: Sayuri’s Theme, Going to School

The River: The Pony Ride

Hook: The Face of Pan

A.I.: The Reunion


Schindler’s List: Theme

Dracula: End Titles

Sabrina: How Can I Remember?

The Witches of Eastwick: The Tennis Game, The Seduction of Suki and The Ballroom Sequence, The Devil’s Dance

Far and Away: County Galway, Joseph and Shannon, Blowing Off Steam, Final



Sara Andon – flute

Simone Pedroni – piano

Cecilia Tsan – cello


The public task is financed from the budget of the City of Kraków.


Tickets (100 PLN / 23 €):

Krakow FMF 2024 - John Williams for Three

26/5/2024 - 17h - SUN - The Lion King - Live to Picture - Tauron Arena

Hans Zimmer – Elton John – Tim Rice


It has been thirty years since audiences around the world were captivated by the story of Simba and the circle of life that brings us all together. The animated 1994 classic – The Lion King – will be shown on the big screen at TAURON Arena Krakow, and Hans Zimmer’s Oscar-winning soundtrack will be performed live in an outstanding performance. Join us for the European premiere of the Disney. The Lion King – Live in Concert event!


Beautiful animations, universal message and brilliant songs by Hans Zimmer, Elton John and Tim Rice are just some of the pieces that make up the whole brilliant picture and combined made The Lion King a worldwide phenomenon and a timeless classic. This 1994 Disney production remains one of the biggest successes in the studio’s history spanning over a hundred years. The story of Simba, who needs to grow up with the help of his newfound friends, and take back what once belonged to him, continues to enjoy great popularity around the world. This time, we want to remind the adults what made it great and show the youngest viewers its charm for the first time. The show will also be accessible to the blind and visually impaired thanks to audiodescription.


In his score for The Lion King, Hans Zimmer drew upon the best musical traditions, painting a colourful narrative and following in Simba’s footsteps, all while borrowing from East African culture, which can be heard in the particularly rich rhythms of his pieces. Elton John’s songs with lyrics by Tim Rice also became pop music staples which are now considered to be some of the best works they managed to put out over their long careers.


The classic score will be performed by the Beethoven Academy Orchestra and two choirs – the Kraków Philharmonic Choir and Pro Musica Mundi. In total, 150 experienced artists will be led by Erik Ochsner, a Finnish-American conductor, recognised worldwide as one of the leading experts in this field, appreciated by critics and audiences for his energy and the care, with which he synchronises music with the film on screen. You can expect an unforgettable show!



Beethoven Academy Orchestra

Krakow Philharmonic Choir

Pro Musica Mundi Choir

Erik Ochsner – conductor


The film will be available with audiodescription for the blind and visually impaired.

The show is licensed by Disney Concerts. © 2024 Disney. All rights reserved.

Key Partner of the Disney. The Lion King – Live in Concert event: TAURON Arena Kraków.

The event is being held as part of the 10th anniversary of TAURON Arena Krakow.

The public task is financed from the budget of the City of Kraków.


Tickets (80-200 PLN / 23-47 €):

Krakow FMF 2024 - The Lion King - Live to Picture

FMF Young Talent Award Workshops (18–21 May | Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lusławice)

The FMF Young Talent Award is a contest designed to shine a spotlight on the talented composers of the younger generation and to showcase them to the film industry and broad audiences. Twelve of them are going to take part in special workshops led by masters of their craft.


Finalists of the FMF Young Talent Award – the FMF contest for young composers – will get the opportunity to participate in a prestigious educational programme. It comprises a chance to take part in master classes, debates, classes on creating and modelling soundspaces and recording sessions featuring state-of-the-art technology. The programme is aimed at honing their skills across the entire process – starting from the concept for a score, all the way to its promotion.


The key focus of the workshop is collaboration with prominent experts in their fields – directors, composers, sound engineers, arrangers and label representatives. The participants take advantage of their knowledge and expertise in the film and music industries. The entire programme is overseen by the Chair of the Jury – Emmy Award-nominated American composer Miriam Cutler.


The public task is financed from the budget of the City of Kraków.


You can read more about it here:


FMF Audiovisual Forum 2024 (22–26 May | Potocki Palace)

FMF will also include the FMF Audiovisual Forum – a series of meetings with experts from the music and film industries. Moreover, in cooperation with Galeria Kazimierz, FMF Strategic Partner, a Festival Village will be organised with a wide range of activities, including a silent disco and film screenings. The programme of accompanying events will be announced soon.


Complete announcement:


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