Zakopane SyncCamp 2024 – Music Export Poland

The 5th edition of the SyncCamp event, organized by Music Export Poland, will be happening from 17-22 May 2024 in Zakopane, Poland (2h drive from Kraków).

Zakopane SyncCamp 2024 - Music Export Poland


The camp will have the participation of Polish & foreign composers, who will work in 2-3 person teams composing music for film scenes and commercials. There will be a be faculty of four music supervisors, and the teams will be mentored by Spanish composer Luis Ivars.


For artists, who are mostly accustomed to individual composing work, the formula proposed by Music Export Poland borrows from so popular songwriting camps, which involve frequent changes in the line-ups of creative teams, as a completely new challenge.

Zakopane SyncCamp 2024 - Music Export Poland



Participating Polish composers are: Wojtek Grabek, Magdalena Sowul, Tomasz Mreńca, Zuzanna Matuszewska-Couto, Dominika Czajkowska-Ptak, Michał Drabczyk, Fryderyk Lutyński.


Foreign participant composers list:

  • Iceland – Eygló Höskuldsdóttir Viborg and Karl Örvarsson
  • Japan – Yui Mugino
  • Latvia – Reinis Sējāns
  • France – Célyne Baudino
  • Hungary – Fanni Mayer
  • Estonia – Raul Ojamaa


There are two additional Ukrainian composers-songwriters: Vladyslav Libenson, Yaroslava Shara, who stay at an artist’s residency, supported by Music Moves Europe programme.


The faculty includes four music supervisors: Patrycja Bukowska, Roy Lidstone, Marc Frieser, and Patricia Carrera, who will be guiding the composers in the completion of the tasks assigned.

Zakopane SyncCamp 2024 - Music Export Poland - Faculty


Additionally, Spanish composer Luis Ivars will be mentoring the teams, and with his experience, he will be a link/bridge between supervisors & composers.


On 22 May 2024, a listening session of all the pieces will be held in Krakow during the Film Music Festival, to which festival participants will be invited.


You can read detailed information about Krakow FMF 2024 program here:


The first Synchronization Camp in Poland (SyncCamp) took place at the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lusławice between 11-15 May 2019. Organized by Music Export Poland and the Krakow Festival Office, with financial support from the Authors’ Society ZAiKS, SyncCamp was a part of the Audiovisual Forum – Film Music Festival’s educational programme implemented within the framework of the Film Music Festival in Krakow, one of the most important film music festivals in the world.

SyncCamp - Music Export Poland


During the SyncCamp, Music Export Poland provides the creators with a common creative space to collectively compose music for films and commercials, under the supervision of music supervisors, whose task is to deliver to the SyncCamp briefs for music to synchronize.

SyncCamp - Music Export Poland


Networking role of the event is realized thanks to the participation of composers from many countries and backgrounds. Every evening, supervisors together with MExP representatives arrange a work plan for the next day, matching composers’ competences to individual orders.

SyncCamp - Music Export Poland


The composers are provided with rooms for work, equipped with a set of speakers, midi keyboards, microphones, and cabling. The composers bring the rest of the equipment with them: personal computers equipped with software (DAW, sample libraries), interfaces, and in addition, some participants also bring musical instruments with them.

SyncCamp - Music Export Poland


SoundTrackFest will be attending and participating the Zakopane SyncCamp 2024, and will bring you timely information from Zakopane, Poland in less than two weeks.


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