2018-12-16 – 20:15 h

We want to share with you this chart we have received… Happy and proud to be still growing month after month and just arrived into the 3rd position and into the podium this month of December, together with Soundtrack.Net and MundoBSO! Thanks to all of you who keep following and reading SoundTrackFest 😊🎶👏🎻🎼📽️


And a special thanks to all the collaborators that make this 3rd position possible: Gori Martinez, Diego Ruiz Exposito, Rafa Melgar Carrascal, Josep Ferré Berenguel, Felipe Múgica, Curro Martin, Frederic Torres, Jorge Ortiz, Antònia Pizà, Sergio Hardasmal, Joan Masats Bas, Leon Esteban, Maria Borg, Juanjo Molina, Gorka Oteiza.