2018-09-14 – 09:25 h

Beth Krakower, extraordinary film music publicist and good friend of SoundTrackFest, who passed away last week, received a tribute to her life and work on Tuesday, 11th of September 2018 – 11:00 am at the Harmony Gold Theater in Los Angeles (California, USA).

The event, named ‘Beth Krakower – A Score for Her Life’, had her family and close friends talk about her, show pictures, and even perform some music, with the participation of composers Greg Edmonson, Craig Safan, Jeff Beal, Bear McCreary, John Massari, Cliff Martinez or Tyler Bates among others.


Fortunately, the event was broadcast live, and now you re-watch the video here in the following link:


Beth Krakower (5-Dec-1971 – 5-Sept-2018)